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I mean it. You probably know all of this already. And you probably already recognize that disconnecting, unplugging, digital detoxing etc. His main business today easily generates nine figures a year, without any VCs or minority shareholders breathing down his neck. Roger works harder than anyone I know.


Quora users have been thereand they have real and practical solutions for digging up that lost motivation and getting a job not just done—but completed with a sense of passion.

Hr hero line

I think about it as part of making myself into who I want to be. Make hard look easy.

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This is how goals should be too. Of course you should have a really big, audacious goal.

single madam Elliot

But make sure you break down that goal into bite-sized, consumable goals. A feeling of progress and achievement is a beautiful combination.

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So, rather than focusing on a large, scary goal, take one thing at a time, and break the big goal into ideas you can digest one at a time. Make sure you carve out time in your day to read.

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I recommend the early mornings before everyone is awake. Read for at least one hour a day.

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Develop a belief that reading is the quickest way to success. The most successful people in the world attribute their success to reading a lot of books Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk.

Causes of burning out

Entrepreneurs tend to stray from the typical 8 to 5 workday, and global accessibility through s and Skype makes it more than easy to have a hour workday. Set a realistic quitting time for yourself, and stick to it most days of the week.

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Stop answering s after 8 PM, or take Sundays off. You need to give yourself a rest, and if that means giving yourself a specified set time to unplug or turn away from the demands of your job, then do it.

1 - redefine your ambitions

To get motivated to start doing something, from my own experience, the most effective trick for me is to just do it sounds trite, but it works. As soon as you think something needs to be done, jump into it, doing it immediately of course, provided the conditions are feasible. You must not think about anything else, suppressing all other thoughts, keeping your mind blank, acting like a robot.

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Yes, it sounds weird, but it does work! Otherwise, you will debate whether you should do it now or there were too many issues with doing it, or there are other more pleasurable and exciting things to do over this boring task.

“i don’t have time for a break”

Dive into the project and trust that the focus will be what you need. Start acknowledging all the good you are doing. They need celebrating. You need more wins in your life.

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This will motivate you, encourage you, and help you see how brilliant you truly are. What other motivation tips work for you? Let me know on Twitter!

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When Shelly Nelson-Shore got pregnant with her first child in , she and her husband came up with a plan.


Work can wear you out, whether your job requires physical labor or not.


Today, my grandmother texted me yes, she texts asking if I had anything fun planned for the day.