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By killamch89July 27 in General Chat. I already have a weird-sounding laugh so I'd definitely pick that - hearing recordings of my own laughter and I sound like a Hyena in pain when I'm laughing. What's your choice and why? I don't even know how to smile anymore.


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There are many helpful rules of thumb like these when it comes to humor that you have probably already heard, and while these are a good foundation, what do you do if you want your whole presentation to be undeniably hilarious? Believe it or not, you can actually begin entertaining your audience even before you take the stage. It's possible to be both funny and sometimes self-deprecating in your introduction, as long as it aligns with your brand.

Your next speaker spends most of his time in the Museum of Passive-Aggression, which is what he calls California. Your next speaker, Jason, likes: kittens, summer, and cupcakes! But dislikes thunder, paper cuts, and people who steal the last cupcake.

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In addition to funny photos when appropriateyour slides are great opportunities for punchlines. In comedy, specificity is often the secret sauce of a quality joke, making it more evocative. When you deliver a talk you will usually be speaking to an audience that has been drawn to a specific subject area or topic.

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That means the majority of your listeners will use the same lingo, have the same insights, and may share similar experiences and backgrounds. This makes finding niche observations and jokes that will make them laugh a lot easier.

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I competed in the meter queue for a beer. Physical comedy is easier said than done, but it will provide a powerful additional dimension to your presentation if you can pull it off.

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This IFC listicle highlights some of the best slapstick comedians. Most importantly, get ready to experiment on your own and discover the unique physical punchlines you have to offer the world!

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Try frantically to advance the slide to no avail. Finally, give up. If you need help getting warmed up or you feel like sometimes there is a lull in the questions, arrange with a friend, colleague, co-speaker, or the event organizer to set you up for a seemingly unexpected off the cuff zinger. Well, they're not laughing now.

Humor is a nimble tool that provides you with great possibilities to create laughs that improve your content. When it comes to your speeches specifically, jokes allow you to play with that form in a way that deeply engages not just your audience, but also yourself.

You may utilize your introduction, slides, or an ally in the audience. No matter which entry points you use, remember to lean on specificity, physicality, and your visuals. Try to consider every angle of your speech as a potential comedic opportunity, and you get extra credits if you poke fun at yourself!

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Charlie Nadler is a comedian and co-founder of the joke writing consultancy LaughDealer. He has released two albums and told jokes around the world in clubs, festivals, bars, country clubs, teen centers, basements, attics, and one barbershop. Did you find this article helpful? Leave the article a star rating or share it with your network.

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Charlie Nadler 10 Oct 7 min re. Break the ice.

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Close strong. Refer back to a joke later in your talk.

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Utilize the rule of 3. Below are 6 entry points for inserting more humor into your talk. Break the ice with your intro Believe it or not, you can actually begin entertaining your audience even before you take the stage. Your own foibles are some of the strongest and most relatable building blocks in comedy. Wrapping it up Humor is a nimble tool that provides you with great possibilities to create laughs that improve your content.

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Reading time: 0 min re. Creating content.

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Crafting talks. Presenting style. Presenting skills.

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I like to laugh.


They accept an amusing back-and-forth as a normal course of events and press on hilariously, without a lot of ha-ha goofery.


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The challenge revolves around stream viewers donating money to send videos through Mediashare and the streamer attempting not to laugh.