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Whether established artists and journalists or passionate emerging voices, they inform us, they inspire us, they amaze us, they put our world in the broader context of history. Too often, those factors can make those of us in that community, photographers and photo editors alike, lose sight of what drive us. For this post, my last as editor of TIME LightBox, I asked 13 of my colleagues — some of the many photographers and photo editors who have influenced and inspired me over my last ten years in this industry — to answer these essential questions: Why do they do it?


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Curated by Oriana Koren How do you tell the story of a year in photographs when this has been the hardest year in living memory for photographers to do their jobs? Add to that the fact that has been hardest on women and people of color: COVID has disproportionately impacted communities of color and forced unprecedented s of women out of the workforce in the United States, and we feel like this work is more vital than ever. Women and nonbinary photographers continue to be responsible for only about percent of photographs in the news media, and women of color constitute a mere percent.

Oriana Korenphoto-ethnographer, writer, and curator of the Year in Pictures writes: The one hundred photographs by one hundred women — across gender expression and identity, across that pseudo-science fiction we call race, across geography, region, and location, across the spectrum of age and the spectrum of human experience — have come together to illustrate for us what it looks like to become human in the age of a pandemic and on the precipice, not of impending extinction, but of imminent evolution.

The entire world is upside downbut these photographers show us how we have been, every day, putting it back together again to create a new, more human experience of living time simultaneously, together. You can pre-order the third issue of the Women Photograph Annual hereand donate to Women Photograph here.

Abigail heyman’s groundbreaking images of women’s lives

COVID is changing our routines, social behavior, and use of public space. It is also affecting the way I see the objects around me. With a combination of screen-weary eyes and endless fixation on all the public areas that could be infected, I felt I started to see these invisible viruses all around me. As small glowing dots in the landscape.

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This series is me trying to share this entoptic phenomenon. I then pierced holes where I thought many people might have touched, backlit them, and photographed again. It visualizes the invisible, but also conveys the mental and emotional aspects of such uncertain times. Most female guards working inside the prison in Herat, Afghanistan, are not educated and have.

They bring their younger kids to the prison and pay very little money to their trusted prisoners to care for them while they're on duty.

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As a girl, Nafas was promised to a drug-addicted relative, a man 17 years older. Before they married, he beat her, leaving her with scars. She protested the union for a year, appealing to her parents and brothers. He died from the wound. Now in Prison, They Feel Free. Bryant, 41, was killed in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna, 13, and seven others in Calabasas, California. They were escorted by our family to hand her over, as our traditions dictated.

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Music and bells announced the celebration. Three days later, a record high temperature of As part of pro-democracy protests happening around Thailand, youngsters calling themselves "Bad Students" used the white ribbon, a symbol to show resistance against violence in school, while raising a three-finger salute, also a symbol of resistance.

After years of drought, a major flood occurred in mid-Marchproviding an agricultural opportunity for the Bedouin community amid the economic impacts caused by the pandemic.

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Every year the African goddess and Queen of Seas Yemanja, patron of women and fishermen, is celebrated in Brazil, when followers deliver gifts for her in deep parts of the ocean. Ramirez, 65, pose for a portrait at their living area in the shelter based at the town's athletics track in Guanica, Puerto Rico on February The family, whose house was damaged in the earthquakes the month, has been between shelters since January 7.

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A month after a cluster of earthquakes ravaged the south of the island, people were still living in government shelters and makeshift camps. Hundreds were thought to be camping in their backyards, in fear of having their homes collapse. On January 7, the strongest earthquake hit at a 6. They have been trapped in the buffer zone as long as the Greek border remains closed and Greek police wait with tear gas. The Turkish government had announced that the border gates would be open for a period of 72 hours after 33 Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack in Syria.

How to photograph women, ladies, and girls

She lost her husband and three children when violence erupted in her town three years ago, but she now takes pleasure in being surrounded by her grandchildren and going to the salon. His wife, Kim Bonore, had planned to have their second child in a hospital near her Manhattan home. Here my thoughts wander to my mom, who's a retired public health consultant but still occasionally goes off to the front line to help. We live separately on different islands, but her presence is near as her blanket wraps around my body, keeping me warm every night.

Female poses: 21 posing ideas to get you started photographing women

Faced with dwindling savings due to unemployment during the lockdown, millions of migrant workers decided to return to their hometowns from cities around the country, sparking the biggest human exodus in India since the partition. On May 23, migrant workers from Orissa who had registered to return home received a message on their phones, informing them that a train would be leaving from Bengaluru to Puri.

Nearly 7, people gathered at Palace Grounds in the morning. While the official capacity of each train is 1, passengers, the workers gathered at the grounds were almost five times that. The government had to organize more trains in the next few days.

17 types of photography: which niche is right for you?

Hours later the Australian international borders would close in an attempt to flatten the curve of COVID infections, with many more restrictions following shortly after. Access to nature was restricted, and those of us who don't have patios, large plots of land, or balconies had almost no access to direct sunlight or the outdoors. One of the few reasons my partner and I would step outside our home is to hang our hand-washed laundry in the shared patio space.

I can't remember the last time I watched my parents pray together.

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In order for her to take on the risks associated with her work during the pandemic, Tiffany Fung, a midwife with the Midwifery and Toronto Community Health MATCH Program at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre, and her partner decided to send their two children, aged four and six, to live with their grandparents three hours outside Toronto for three weeks each month. The homeless population was forced out of the park after a federal judge declined to block the removal of the encampment.

Advocates for the unhoused said that clearing the tents would disperse people through the community and put them at greater risk of being exposed to COVID I wonder what psychological effects social distancing will have on him during his formative years and how he will remember this time in the future. The vast majority of food on this island is imported, and shopping is centralized in big supermarket chains, which concentrates people at these places.

At the beginning of the pandemic, two thermal scanners were placed in this supermarket to measure the temperature of incoming customers. The person must stop and wait for the result. If a temperature is higher than Despite the fact that there are no known cases on the island, this ritual has become part of our new normal.

This twice-annual burn on Yurok land is part of a Cultural Fire Management Council training in which Indigenous fire practitioners share traditional and modern knowledge with firefighters from around the world. In a recent survey, the Yurok community identified bringing fire back to the land as their top priority.

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For millennia, Indigenous people in California and worldwide burned their land to promote food security, renew cultural and medicinal resources, create animal habitat, and control larger fire risk—until colonizers made these methods illegal. Now increasingly devastating wildfires have government agencies reconsidering the use of prescribed burning as a preventative measure, and looking to traditional knowledge to guide some of their policies.

Meanwhile, the Yurok and other tribes are working to revive their fire culture and reclaim their right to burn on sovereign land. She spends her days Zooming with her friends from church and FaceTiming classmates, trying to pass the time. She also is experiencing postpartum depression. The shelter-in-place order especially has negatively impacted my mental health and made me question if I really have what it takes to be a single mom.

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With all proms canceled because of coronavirus this year, Park said she feels a bit of relief that she will have another chance to go next year, but that she is still sad to miss out on this time with her friends. The spring sports season was also canceled. Students wait in their respective cars, socially distancing, before a speech by the school's athletic director, Linda Ionta, and a fireworks show.

As of early December there have been more thancases in the state and over 15, deaths. After George Floyd was killed by the police during an arrest on May 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, his death inspired protests across the United States. Taylor's death has sparked protests nationwide, calling for justice and an end to police brutality. None of the officers involved were charged in Taylor's death. The June 19 celebration of Black liberation from American chattel slavery took place in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, US, a historically Black neighborhood, and melded with Black Lives Matter events in solidarity with ongoing protests to support Black lives against police brutality.

Land defenders have faced threats from not only law enforcement and construction workers but also local white suprematists, who have physically attached them. Land defenders demand the construction of the border wall be halted immediately and a new environmental survey be done to outline the biological, cultural, and historical ificance of the sites. Human remains have been found at construction sites. Tear gas, a chemical weapon banned in warfare under the Geneva Protocol ofhas been used by law enforcement almost nightly since the protests began in late May.

Giovanni was killed by the police after they detained him for not wearing a facemask, and the case was covered up until a video went viral showing him being beaten by the same police who took him away. A video from the first protest in Mexico City showed Melanie being kicked on the ground by the police.

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This video went viral too, and the intensity of the protests grew around the country. More than five decades ago, John Lewis, as a year-old activist, helped to marshal hundreds of demonstrators across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

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They were bombarded by clouds of tear gas and swarmed by state troopers wielding clubs, one of which fractured Mr. Lewis was carried by a horse-drawn carriage on Sunday, July 26, across the bridge one last time. He was surrounded by mourners drawn to what felt like sacred ground. They were there to bid farewell to Mr.

Lewis, who became a guiding force in the civil rights movement in no small part because of his role in the march for the right to vote on March 7, The graduation ceremony is canceled this year. Alem: "We're out here because we're tired of injustice, and we're here to make a difference for future generations.

In the early months of the COVID crisis, states hostile to abortion declared it a "nonessential" medical procedure, forcing women to take on great risk and expense.

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Though courts eventually forced the restoration of abortion access, women in twelve states had no access to abortion for weeks. But Black girls are arguably the most at-risk student group in the United States. Josefina is a guardian of seeds and a medicine woman. She uses the variety of seeds to prepare treatments for her patients. It felt like a rebirth—a pure and natural process, in spite of the coronavirus now spreading across London, UK. He and his family had spent the night at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby after evacuating their animals the night before.

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