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Online calculator to convert watts to megawatts W to MW with formulas, examples, and tables. Our conversions provide a quick and easy way to convert between Power or Electricity units. TIP: If the result of your conversion is 0, try increasing the "Decimals". How to convert watts to megawatts: Enter a value in the watts field and click on the "Calculate megawatts" button.


You see, a watt is the basic unit of measurement used for electrical power. One of his most notable accomplishments was aroundwhen he invented the Watt steam engine. Today, steam turbines at thermal power plants use this same technology to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy.

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We measure that electrical power in kilowatts. In this guide, we take the complicated subject of kilowatts and simplify it into more relatable terms. Watts are the basic unit of power used to measure electric, thermal, and mechanical power. One watt is equal to one joule, as well as one volt-ampere. All of these terms measure electrical power. Most simply, a kilowatt is another term used in the measure of power. Most frequently, we use kilowatts to measure residential and commercial power. For example, a microwave with a 1,watt label requires 1, watts worth of power or 1 kW to work.

The conversion of watts to kilowatts is just as straight-forward as you may have guessed.

Convert watts to megawatts - power / electricity conversions

We find the power in kilowatts P kW by dividing the power in watts P W by 1, For example, if you wanted to convert your W dishwasher to kilowatts, you would do the following calculation:. Add a decimal point at the end of your whole .

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You end up with 1. This trick makes it really easy to convert watts into kilowatts with some quick mental math.

Ion meter (all measurmt) mw - w/display vac/vdc - std com - w pwd

Since we know that one kilowatt is equivalent to watts, we reverse the operations above to solve this equation. For example, if you know that your dishwasher uses 1. We use megawatts when measuring power on a much larger scale. If you wanted to know how much power is produced by a power plant or how much electricity is required to power an entire city, you would use megawatts.

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For example, a typical coal power plant is around MW in size. To continue along the path of keeping things simple, use the same formula used above to convert kilowatts to megawatts MW. Why is that? Well, because 1, kilowatts are equal to — you guessed it — one megawatt.

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This formula also means that if you would like to convert watts to megawattsyou have to add three more zeros to your equation. For example, if you convert a watt light bulb to megawatts, you will do the following calculation:. Inthe total capacity of United States electricity generating plants was about 1, GW. In that case, you may have a good idea as to what the formula is for converting megawatts to gigawatts GW.

If you guessed that there are 1, megawatts in one gigawattyou would be correct. That fun fact means that there are 1, kilowatts in one gigawatt and 1,, watts in one gigawatt.

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A kilowatt-hour kWh is a measurement of how much energy is used. However, this is not actually the same as measuring the of kilowatts you use per hour because power and energy are not the same. Instead, a kilowatt-hour measures the amount of time, or the amount of energy, it takes to use one kilowatt of power.

The amount of energy used if a 1,watt appliance runs for one hour is equal to one kilowatt-hour. The lower the wattage an item has, the better. But, if you switched to a more energy-efficient light bulb that only requires watts to produce the same amount of light, it will take 25 hours to use one kWh of energy. Imagine the energy savings you could achieve by switching out all of the lightbulbs in your home. Just like measuring power consumption, when you calculate the amount of energy used or produced on a larger scale, you would use megawatt-hours MWh or gigawatt-hours GWh.

Much like one kilowatt is equal to 1,watts of power, one kilowatt-hour is equivalent to 1,watts, or joules, of energy use over one hour. If you wanted to convert watts into kilowatt-hours to find out how much energy your coffee maker consumes each day, you would multiply the power consumption in watts by the of hours used. Then, divide that by 1, For example, to find the kWh of 1, watts for 3 hours:.

Suppose you were interested in doing the reverse to determine how many watts your coffee maker is, based on its kilowatt-hours.

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In that case, you could easily do so by making a few simple adjustments to the formula. For this conversion, multiply the energy used in kWh by 1, to find the energy consumption in watt-hours. Then, you must divide that by the of hours you used it.

Most utility companies calculate your electricity bill based on how many kilowatt-hours, or units of energy you use each month. Since the scientific unit of energy is measured in joules, you will often see your energy usage listed in joules on your electric bill.

Of offshore wind behind us

Remember, one joule is equal to one watt. If you can convert watts to kWh, you can predict how much it might cost to run your various electrical appliances and devices. Using the latest electricity prices reported by the U.

The report shows how much energy costs vary depending on your location. InIdaho residents paid the lowest average electricity rates in the U. In extreme contrast, residents in Hawaii paid the most, with their average electricity rates coming in around Since it takes watts of power to work — to convert the power in watts to kilowatt-hours — you will multiply watts by one hour. If electricity costs 13 cents per kWh, then a watt light bulb will cost 1.

Most electric bills are calculated monthly.

Kilowatts and calculations: what you need to know?

To estimate your monthly costs, you can follow these steps:. Multiply your answer by 30 to get the monthly average kWh for that light bulb. Repeat this equation for all light bulbs, appliances, and other electrical devices in your home. Add up the total to find your estimated monthly electricity costs in kilowatt-hours.

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You may be surprised to see how fast it all adds up. Household Use Per Day? Now that you know all about how to calculate the kWh of energy consumption you use, it might be interesting to compare your energy use to others in the United States.

The average home in the U. If you live in an area prone to weather that could result in power outages, you can give yourself a little peace of mind by investing in a generator. Freezers, lights, refrigerators, and well pumps are just a few of the appliances you could keep running during a power outage.

The most critical household equipment can be run with a 5, to 7, watt rated generator. If you would like your entire house to continue operating, you will likely need to go larger. If you have fewer appliances, you may be able to get away with something smaller. Determining the wattage of your necessary appliances will help you figure out what size generator you will need.

Watts and amperes, also known as ampsare both units used to measure electrical power consumption or production.

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All electronic devices have their energy consumption listed on their label in either watts or amps. If the label on your device lists amps, you can calculate the wattage by using a simple formula. We most commonly use kWp for solar electricity systems. These systems are labeled with a rating in kilowatts peak kWp so that consumers can compare the output capabilities and size of various photovoltaic panels. A 2 kWp system will produce 2 kW of electrical power only during the brightest sunshine when all conditions are at their best.

Standard modules take around 6. Higher efficiency modules use only five square meters of roof space.

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As gas prices are going up, the cost to charge electric vehicles is going down. Take a look at this example which explains how much it costs to charge a Tesla Model 3 at a home charging station :.

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This technology provides real-time data allowing both parties an in-depth look into current usage habits, eliminating the need for meter readings. Smart meters allow consumers access to information on how, when, and where utilities are used, making it simple to make changes when necessary.

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Now that you know how to use your newfound knowledge of kilowatts to save energy, you may be interested in learning about more ways to save on your electric bills. Check out the Energy Savings marketplace where researching your energy options is easy, plus learn more about getting started on your path towards energy conservation today. Brought to you by justenergy.

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Watts are the basic unit of power that is used to measure thermal, electric, and mechanical power.


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When one first starts looking into electricity, you become bombarded with terms that can become confusing.


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