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  • Zambian
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Top of the Check Your Symptoms. Male genital problems and injuries can occur fairly easily since the scrotum and penis are not protected by bones. Genital problems and injuries most commonly occur during:. A genital injury often causes severe pain that usually goes away quickly without causing permanent damage.


When most people have embarrassing sex questions, they turn to the internet for answers. A former adult performer and top-ranking Pornhub searchKhalifa is now a popular sports commentator she with former NBA all-star Gilbert Arenas and bona fide social media celebrity.

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With almost 2 million Twitter followers and 3. The first question is: " Where is the G-spot "? It takes a little experimenting to find. Every girl gets to her G-spot a little differently than the last girl, if that makes sense. I reach orgasm externally, not too much from just intercourse, so I prefer clitoral stimulation over G-spot stimulation.

But every girl is different.

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A post shared by Mia K. OK, the next one is " How to make a woman orgasm "? It really depends on the woman. Most women just need a lot of foreplay to be turned on enough to even orgasm. Look at her and listen to her and feel her out. Do you want more of this?

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Do you want more of that? All of that factors in whether a girl climaxes. Just be confident.

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Confidence will make you look taller and your dick bigger. You just need to stand up a little straighter and put your shoulders back. Avoid certain positions like doggy-style.

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The next one is " How long does sex last? I think a quickie is usually about minutes, and something more passionate is usually about minutes. I get chafed and tired and Sportscenter is usually about to be on. Wrap it up, people. If it lasts an hour, both of you need to get yourselves checked out.

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Like, why is it taking so long? Is there a breakdown in terms of how much time you should spend on foreplay, or how much time to spend on penetration? Foreplay is very important. Next one: " does anal sex hurt "? Yes, it does.

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It hurts a lot. The only time girls do anal sex is when they really, really, really, really like a guy. What was your first time with anal sex like?

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My first time with anal sex was really painful. I will say a lot of lube really helped, and it was enjoyable after the first two minutes, but even then, it was a different kind of enjoyable than I could ever describe. I was sweating. My body was shaking.

Why do some white women prefer to move from being with a white man to a black man?

I will say, though — butt plugs are definitely pleasurable. Anal sex, not so much. Given this is a fantasy lot of guys have, how would you recommend they approach this with a partner if they want to try it?

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It worked, though! Pull out and go back to foreplay if you feel yourself getting too close. Tease yourself.

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Also, change positions a lot — getting your mind off the one thing that feels really good will distract you from coming too soon. Anytime you feel yourself getting too close, just pay more attention to her.

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Pull out and maybe finger her, or go down on her, or ask her to go down on you. I feel like this might be difficult to answer without context, so might be good to run through a few different potential scenarios here.

Male genital problems and injuries

To me, sex is a very important part of a relationship. That said, there could be a million different reasons. Maybe she has a gynecological issue going on, [ Ed. Do something romantic with just you two. But tread very lightly. Also, really be cognizant of your actions and the way you are behaving. Are you opening yourself up to a romantic relationship?

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United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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An Accident Nearly Killed Me. Therapy Saved Me. Where is the G-spot? This content is imported from Instagram.

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Why white women are s3xually attracted by black men; black women by white men

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There is evident increase in interracial dating in the US, and also across Europe, many of which lead to marriage.


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My name is Emma and today I am doing a blog takeover, Jess has given me total control over my story and is allowing me to relay my version of events.


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