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As we head intowe're running the best, most insightful and most essential Worklife stories from Read all of the year's biggest hits here. In the US, more young people are living with their parents than at any time sinceaccording to a recent Pew Research Center analysis of census data.

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The most common age to leave home is between 18 and 19, compared to the EU average of 26, according to Eurostat figures. They are living alone.

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Her parents and two younger siblings live about an hour away on the other side of the city. More than half of Swedish households are single-person, the highest proportion in the EUaccording to Eurostat. Official figures suggest that around one in five to year-old Swedes live in single-person households, although the real could be higher Credit: Alamy.

The norm of moving out at a young age has even persisted during a major housing squeeze. Long queues for rent-controlled accommodation and a pricey subletting market have made it harder to find affordable apartments in major cities and forced some to delay fleeing the nest. But the proportion of young people living by themselves has barely changed sinceaccording to Statistics Sweden. By contrast, in urban hubs like London, Paris or New York there are numerous converted townhouses that make sense for young professionals to share.

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But while many young Swedes enjoy the kind of social and financial freedom that might sound like fantasy to many global peers, there are concerns that fleeing the nest so soon can have its downsides. I just wanted to make time go faster and get through the day.

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He shared a house with friends during travels in Australia and says he found this less of a challenge. He says he feels better since making a good group of friends at work and ing sport activities. It became easy to start thinking bad things about myself, or destructive thoughts.

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A survey found year-olds had the second-highest levels of loneliness. But this high rate could be partly due to young people speaking about it more Credit: Alamy. There has not been a nationwide survey of loneliness sincebut that research for Statistics Sweden found that Only Swedes in the overs category reported higher levels of loneliness However, he warns that the bigger picture is more complex. Plus it could be that young Swedes are increasingly raising concerns about loneliness because they are more comfortable talking about their needs and feelings than generations.

Meanwhile, other research suggests that the tendency to live alone in Sweden has not left it a lonelier nation than European neighbours.

All hail sweden, the world’s single living capital

Yet despite a lack of hard data on the issue, loneliness as a potential social and health problem for young Swedes is increasingly generating discussion. One Nordic start-up, No Isolation, has been campaigning for the government to appoint a loneliness minister. The issue is also having an impact on discussions about integration ; Sweden frequently comes close to the bottom of global rankings when it comes to the ease of making new friends.

There is a slow-burning public debate about whether shifts in Swedish housing and socialising habits might help tackle the issue.

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In larger cities, this includes a bubbling movement championing shared living. Can co-living catch on in an individualised nation like Sweden? Launched by Lisa Renander, an entrepreneur who felt lonely when she moved back to Sweden from Silicon Valley, the building has 12 spots for young professionals looking for a shared home.

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A sister property, K9was launched five years later — a disused hotel renovated to hold 50 professionals who have so far included lawyers, consultants, teachers, bartenders and professional dancers alongside start-up workers. If you already live with other people, you have your dinner company under the same roof as your own room. Colive wants to create tens of thousands of co-living units within a decade, aimed at to year-olds from all backgrounds, and believes there is a strong market.

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It is perhaps no coincidence that the co-living trend has emerged in tandem with a boom in apps finding other innovative ways to encourage Swedes to socialise. These include Panionwhich allows users to search for friends with similar interests and group activities, and GoFrendlya women-only platform that matches users with like-minded people in their area. The of co-working spaces has also mushroomed, reflecting the growing s of Swedes starting their own businesses or ing the gig economy, yet seeking the community of a shared space.

But just how mainstream co-living will become in Sweden remains up for debate.

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It seems they [co-living spaces] are spreading here and all over the city. generations have also tested the idea, without it taking off on a large scale. Best of Worklife Why so many young Swedes live alone. Share using .

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By Maddy Savage. Swedes typically stop living with their parents earlier than anywhere else in Europe. But can leaving home at a young age have a dark side?

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In Sweden, the most common age to leave home is between 18 and 19, compared to the EU average of More than half of Swedish households are single-person, the highest proportion in the EU. In Sweden Liberating or lonely? A new kind of shared living?

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In Sweden we like to feel like individuals. Around the BBC.

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I've been thinking a lot about relationships—particularly friendships—as part of my happiness project these last few months.


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Dating in Sweden might conjure up dreamy images of candlelit dinners in minimalist Nordic apartments, or snowy hikes with well-toned nature lovers.